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Explore a new world in this game

Machine City Balls takes you to a machine city set in outer space. You will accompany a ball to complete many paths and unlock many new balls.

This game has an extremely interesting setting located in a vast galaxy. A ball moves across paths to explore the mechanical world in this game. You need to help this ball move to the destination at the end of the road. This game has realistic 3D graphics that make players feel like they are lost in a real mechanical city. Many thorny roads are waiting for you ahead. You also can explore a new environment in Hungry Shark Arena which is set up in the ocean.

The game rules in Machine City Balls

You can only win after your ball has reached the goal. The time for a level is unlimited so you can move the ball carefully.

Roll the ball to the finish line

You will face walls of blocks that are placed right in the middle of the path. You just need to crash through them to continue your journey. This game is easier when the narrow roads have barriers. This helps keep the ball from falling out. However, some road sections are made up of only two barriers. You need to move the ball carefully through these paths.

Choose the new ball

Along the way, try to collect gold coins because they are used to unlock new balls. There will be many new balls with different shapes. They can be in the shape of a cat, a watermelon, etc.