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Ball Blast is an obstacle avoidance shooting game. Destroy meteors with your shooting ability while avoiding any collisions to protect your cannon. In this game, you can see clearly two main missions for players to gain a high score.

Destroy Meteors To Get Points

This Ball Blast game scores based on the number of meteors you destroy and the amount of time it lasts. Therefore, the first mission is to destroy the meteors with your shooting ability. You will control a cannon. The controls are simple as you just need to slide your mouse to aim and shoot. Your cannon will continuously fire bullets automatically. If you move properly and aim correctly, great achievements will come to you.

Your target is the meteorites. These meteorites will be numbered and you need to shoot them that many times to successfully destroy them.

Protect Your Ball Blast Cannon

Besides your meteor-shooting mission, you should also pay attention to protecting your cannon. Meteors will continuously fall to the ground and your cannon will be destroyed if a collision occurs once time. Therefore, moving to avoid collisions is also a top task. You will not be able to continue the game without your cannon.