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War Master is an online command game where you transform into a commander-in-chief. Build your army with mighty soldiers and powerful weapons.

War Master Unblocked

Welcome to a new attack-defense game on our website! On the website, another similar game is War of Sticks. Although they have the same command genre, the two games still have different characteristics. If you want to learn more, let's read about War Master.

First, this new game has eye-catching graphics along with a thoughtful design for soldiers. Second, the game offers a simple arena for players to control soldiers. Therefore, even new players can join this action game easily.

Commanding Gameplay

In War Master, players become commander-in-chief of an army. Your mission is to build this army and attack the opposing team.

How to Build an Army and Attack Your Opponents

To build an army, you need gold and silver coins. You can use silver coins to unlock barracks that provide soldiers for battles. Gold coins are used to upgrade the level of soldiers. In addition, coins can also unlock additional armor. As a result, your army is built stronger.

To attack your opponent in War Master, you just need to enter the Attack box. After enough time, your soldiers will automatically run and attack the red team.

War Master Big Finish

After defeating all enemies, you can capture their territory leading to a big finish. Run to your opponent's flag and take it down. Finally, raise your War Master flag!