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War of Sticks


Join War of Sticks to become a talented commander for a stickman army to defeat enemies through each level by mining and buying new soldiers to attack. This game will require players to have effective strategies to win stages.

Start War of Sticks

Starting this fighting game, you will own 300 coins. With this amount of money, you can hire 3 miners to start mining. Miners play an important role in your army even though they do not directly fight the enemy. Miners will help you earn income to buy other soldiers. In other words, miners are the basic element to help you build a strong army.

Once you have enough money, start buying soldiers to attack and defend. The soldiers are diverse in how they attack. They can use swords, bows, or cannons. Their weapons depended on the price of the soldiers. The higher the price, the more powerful the weapon. Once you have enough of a squad, you can attack to destroy the enemy base and advance to the next levels.

Some Attacking Notes

When attacking in this War of Sticks game, you should also pay attention to some important factors.

  • The number of soldiers is limited for any given match.
  • You can build fortresses to support defense.
  • The forts were built with quarried stones.
  • When your fortresses reach the maximum, you can exchange stones for coins.