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Continue the Vex series

Vex 8 is the newest part of the famous action game series. This game is set up in many complicated mazes filled with thousands of deadly traps.

This new version still keeps the most appealing features of this series such as the character, graphics, and gameplay. Besides the familiar features, you can find new options like skins, medals, and different modes. You can complete many levels and collect coins, and vex cards in this game. With smooth character movement, this game deserves to be on your favorite game list.

Modes in Vex 8

This game offers two modes which are infinite and level modes. In infinite mode, your stickman loses in an endless maze, so there is no exit portal. You can play this mode until you are bored because it's an endless mode. The levels modes offer many different stages that have an exit portal. You have to go through an exit portal to pass a level.

Skins for stickman

This game has dozens of skins for your stickman but they need to be purchased with coins. These coins can be found along the way. What's your favorite outfit in this stickman game? You may find many impressive skins in another game called Slither IO.

Help the stickman in Vex 8

You have to know the saws' movement to avoid hurting your stickman. The checkpoint flags are very useful for your adventure because they can help you continue the journey at the last checkpoint. Don't forget to complete the achievement in each level to get the vex cards.