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About this multiplayer game

Slither IO is about the food-seeking of snakes. Many battles happen when these snakes face each other. If you're weak, your snake is another snake's food.

When you enter this game, you are taken to a special platform. Your snake is created from many energy balls. So, to size up your snake, you need to collect as many energy balls as possible on the platform. Many other players worldwide also control the other snakes on this platform. Therefore, you sometimes have to fight them to keep your snake safe. The graphics are simple but they can bring a thrilling experience to you.

How to lead a leaderboard in Slither IO

In the game, you can follow a leaderboard which is shown in the right-screen corner. This leaderboard will show you the top players who have the best scores in the match. You need to get more energy balls to gain more scores.

Collect energy balls

You can find energy balls anywhere on the platforms. When your snake's head comes close to these balls, the snake can absorb them automatically. Your mission is to navigate the snake to a position that has many energy balls. Sometimes, you can destroy another snake to get the energy that is dropped from the beaten snake. When the snake is bigger, its moving speed also decreases.

Things to avoid

You shouldn't face the bigger snakes because they can surround your snake with its long body. Then, your snake can be a meal for the opponent. Besides, the barriers that surround the platform are very dangerous. If any snake bumps its head into these barriers, this snake will be destroyed. This game is fun but you also can enjoy many other basketball tournaments in Basketball Stars.