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Play Vectaria io to participate in a new survival war where living conditions return to primitive times. Can you build your life at this early age?

Star Vectaria io

Welcome to a new multiplayer game on our website. Although there are many multi-player games like Battleship and Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, games of this genre are always attractive to players. Multiplayer games open up a wonderful gaming world for entertainment, competition, and communication with other online players. As a result, it can satisfy many players' needs at the same time.

In addition, this Vectaria io game is carefully designed with impressive graphics. Therefore, the game attracts millions of players to participate in this new survival battle.

New Survival Gameplay

In Vectaria io, players focus on survival gameplay with three main tasks: placing blocks, eating, and building.

How to place and build blocks

Your first task is to place blocks and build structures. To achieve this goal, you need to control your character and collect materials such as stone, wood, and metal. After that, find a suitable location to place the materials and build your house. All operations are guided on the screen of Vectaria io.

How to eat in Vectaria io

Your character is always in first person, so you cannot see your entire body. As for eating, you also cannot do it naturally. The players need to collect food and store them in the warehouse. When the Vectaria io character becomes hungry, use food to increase energy.