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Battleship is a puzzle-action game with an ocean theme. You will put your ships in secret positions and guess the enemy's locations to shoot down all.

Battleship Gameplay

Welcome to the new action game on our Uno Online website. In this online game, players will participate in sea battles. To win against opponents, players need to apply strategies to protect their ships and attack opponents' ships.

Protect Your Ship

This Battleship game offers a 14x14 grid and 6 ships of different sizes. Place these ships on the grid so that the size of the ships fits the playing board.

In addition, players need to ensure a safe position for the ships because the enemies will guess and shoot at their ships. If your ships are in unpredictable locations, they will be more securely protected.

Attack Ships In Battleship

Competitors also own 6 ships to place on the playing board. Your task is to guess their location and shoot them down. The player who destroys all of his opponent's ships first will win, so the most important target is to attack enemy's ships.

More Details About Ocean Battles

Battleship battles take place with two players. You can choose Classic or Advanced mode with different difficulty levels.

When entering a match, players will place their ships first. You can rotate the ships to find the right direction.