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Play Unicycle Hero to a multi-sport game with classic pixel graphics. Players control their characters on a unicycle to throw items as far as possible.

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Unicycle Hero Gameplay

Coming to this sports game, players can participate in many different sports but your tasks are relatively the same.

Your Mission In Unicycle Hero

You will control your character on a unicycle to move. Your character stands in the orange area, the starting area. You can only move forward until you reach the white line. Before reaching the white line, you need to throw your item forward.

During the move, players are not allowed to touch the white line. At the same time, Unicycle Hero also does not allow items to touch the ground. Otherwise, this sports game with unicycle will end immediately.

Finally, the ultimate goal is to throw Unicycle Hero's items as far as possible.

How To Control Your Unicycle

  • Use the arrow keys to move your unicycle in the orange area.
  • Press the spacebar to throw Unicycle Hero's items.

Upgrade Your Unicycle

Players can go to the Enhance section to upgrade their character and unicycle. You can upgrade strength, speed, or agility to cycle faster and throw better.