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Super Mario World Online

Go on a new journey with Mario in this game

Super Mario World Online is a classic version of Mario's journey. Browser has kidnapped the princess and you need to help Mario on his way to rescue her.

He will face many monsters and enemies along the way that want to take him down. Take down enemies or dodge them before they can reach Mario. In this game, Mario has powerful jumps that can defeat any enemy. You just need to control Mario to jump on the enemy's head to attack them. However, be careful with carnivorous flowers because they will not be easily destroyed.

Move to the finish line in each stage of Super Mario World Online

The game will give you a map and you will help Mario pass all the stages on this map. Each stage will have different opponent obstacles. The stages will become more and more difficult, so your skills also need to improve gradually.

Find a companion

This game allows Mario to have an additional companion. That's Yoshi, a big guy. The two of them will go together on the path to rescue the princess. However, if Yoshi is attacked by another animal, he will panic and run away. Don't forget to help Yoshi eat fruits to gain energy.

Find useful items

There will be some useful items hidden in blocks such as mushrooms or HP. Some mushrooms can help Mario become taller. When he hits dangerous animals, he just gets smaller instead of ending the game. This mushroom will be very useful for Mario's journey. For more journeys, come to Funny Mad Racing.