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Join the 3D racing track in this game

Funny Mad Racing is a great racing game with 3D graphics combined with Minecraft. You can invite another friend to join this interesting game.

This game reminds me of Drive Mad which is a fun racing game. These two games have the same rules but the graphics are completely different. The game has 3D graphics that increase the realism of the terrain and movement of each vehicle. In addition, this game also offers 2 modes for single player and multiplayer mode. You can invite another friend to race on the same device.

Get to the end of the finish line in Funny Mad Racing

In the game, the ultimate goal is to reach the destination safely. You need to keep your character safe until the end of the road.

Balance the car

Bumping the car on the ground can cause the car to explode. Therefore, you need to make sure your car lands on its wheels after each jump. You can tilt the vehicle left or right using the left or right arrow key combinations. You need to constantly balance the vehicle to avoid the vehicle falling into the water.

Run ahead of your opponents

If you participate in two-player mode, you need to reach the finish line earlier than your opponent to win. If your car explodes or falls into the water, it will be returned to the starting point. This will take you more time to complete your journey.