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Drive Mad


Drive Mad is a driving game to conquer terrain and vehicle changes. Players can move forward, backward, or jump to complete challenges with their trucks. Are you ready to challenge your truck-driving game?

Truck-Driving Gameplay

In Drive Mad, players will control their trucks with the following characteristics.

How to Control Drive Mad

To control your truck, you just need to use the arrow keys, of which the left and right arrow keys are the two main keys. You can move forward and backward thanks to these two arrow keys. In particular, with each arrow key, your truck's wheels will have different reactions. The two front wheels will move if you use the right arrow key. Conversely, the two rear wheels will move if you use the left arrow key.

The control method is similar to the two up and down arrow keys. They have similar uses. In addition to trucks, tanks are also exciting vehicles to drive. You can enjoy the tank-driving gameplay in Clash of Tanks. Play now!

Where do you go?

In Drive Mad, you need to reach the finish line to complete a level. This end location may be located in the front or rear of your vehicle. No matter where it is located, you need to get to that location safely.

Your truck needs safety with no collision. Collisions cannot occur. Otherwise, your truck will be destroyed and the game will restart.

In particular, the finish line and obstacles will change with each level. Therefore, players need to adapt to each challenge as quickly as possible to conquer them more easily. Below, players can track down some of the featured obstacles.

Some Challenges in Drive Mad

First, players will face terrain challenges. The roads can be high, low, or have stairs. With different terrains, the moving way must change to adapt to them.

Second, there are dangers on your way. You may encounter brick walls or deep holes. Your truck can destroy brick walls and continue moving forward. However, it is impossible to run through deep pits. To conquer deep holes, players need to gain momentum from afar and perform high jumps.