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Clash of Tanks is a tank-fighting game where you face off against an opponent with 3 tanks at the base. Defend your base by mobilizing additional tank forces! Let's start tank battles right now!

The Tank Battles

In Clash of Tanks, all players participate in battles with tanks, a top military weapon with good defense and attack capabilities. When participating in this battle, the player who destroys the enemy base first will win. However, the battles are not easy because of the following challenges.

Various Types of Tanks

Players own 3 tanks at the base. These 3 tanks are unmovable and they are your defense targets. In addition, you can add other tanks to matches. However, tanks have different defensive and offensive capabilities. You also need to wait for them to regain energy to create new tanks.

Therefore, you need to have strategies to use the tanks appropriately. For example, TankDestroyer is a tank with powerful attack capabilities. You should place it behind tanks with a high defense like Mamooth. With such strategies, you can take advantage of all the tanks' capabilities.

Enemies in Clash of Tanks

Your enemies also have the same conditions with the available tanks and the additional tanks. Enemies are also always looking for ways to attack you. This is a competitive battle for the winner. Therefore, the challenge is huge for players when participating in these duels. However, the game allows you to participate multiple times to avenge previous lost matches.

Another duel game is Big Shot Boxing where you can join intense boxing matches as a professional boxer.

Some Tips For Clash of Tanks

In addition to strategies for using tanks properly, don't forget to upgrade your tanks. Upgrading will help tanks attack harder and defend better.

During combat, you should let the opposing team's tanks move to your area and create new tanks. With this strategy, the opposing team's tanks will only attack the new tank while the base tanks can still attack.