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Big Shot Boxing is a duel boxing game. Each player will participate in 4 matches with 4 attacking and defending skills to defeat opponents in 60 seconds. This game also belongs to the sports genre in other games like Temple Run 2.

Sports Gener With 4 Skills

The gameplay of this online game will revolve around boxing matches. This is a popular sports game around the world to find the stronger player. Besides, this game also requires a high strategic ability to combine skills effectively.

In this boxing game, you possess 4 skills corresponding to 4 different hotkeys.

  • Right Arrow Key -Jab
  • Left Arrow Key - Cross
  • X Key - Undercut
  • Z Key - Block

Combining skills appropriately will help you master this sports game.

Big Shot Boxing Requirements

This online game will take place with 4 matches and each match has two players. The player with the greater total score after 4 matches will win.

To win points, you need to attack your opponent successfully. Besides, you can defend to reduce the enemy's ability to score points. For each successful attack, you win one point. If you want to end the match quickly, you can try to knock out your opponent by depleting their health bar.