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Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is a running game to run on endless train tracks to get the best results. You not only avoid obstacles but also collect valuable items.

Endless Train Tracks

In Subway Surfers, you can challenge your control skills on endless train tracks. Online players can experience endless paths in other games. If you want to challenge yourself, you can experience One More Dash.

These endless games all offer infinity gameplay on thrilling paths. Players not only avoid dangers but also collect many achievements. The Subway Surfers game has both challenges and rewards, so online players are always excited to conquer this running game.

In particular, the endless train tracks are divided into several paths and players can choose one of them. Each path will bring you different interesting challenges.

Experiences In Subway Surfers

In this new game, players can experience endless races with challenges and rewards.

Challenges On Tracks

In Subway Surfers, train tracks are divided into many turns and players need to choose the appropriate turn. Besides, the tracks have many trains that are stationary or moving. They are all dangers for your boy character. Finally, don't forget to avoid other obstacles such as warning signs, fences, or walls.

Subway Surfers Rewards

This running game rewards players based on distance. The farther you run, the more achievements you get. Besides, you can complete missions, unlock new skins, and win exciting vehicles.