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One More Dash is a speed game to move the ball through different circles. With different rotation speeds and obstacles, how many points can you win?

About One More Dash

This online game is a speed game because the speed of your circles and balls is fast.

The rotation speed of the circles depends on each stage. Each circle has a separate rotation speed. However, this speed creates a challenge for One More Dash players. You have to move from one circle to another. Therefore, if the circles rotate continuously, you have to face a huge challenge.

In addition, the ball's moving speed is fast. However, the speed of the ball helps your movement. Moving quickly helps you land on circles more easily.

How to Control the Ball

In this One More Dash game, you need to control the ball by clicking the left mouse button. When you click, your ball immediately moves. After that, many cases could happen next. If you hit down the next circle safely, you can keep moving. On the contrary, if your ball breaks or flies out into the air, the One More Dash game will end immediately.

One More Dash's Obstacles

There are two types of obstacles: smooth and spiked. Smooth obstacles will only cause your ball to bounce back. However, the thorny obstacles will cause your ball to burst immediately.

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