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The fourth journey of the red ball begins

Red Ball 4 is about the journey of a red ball on the way to rescue his friends from squares. Many dangers and enemies await on this arduous journey.

Squares are trying to invade the world. They kidnapped the friends of the round ball so that the world is only square. After the red ball learned about this, he went on a long journey to find his friends and prevent the squares' evil plan. Along the way, dark forces will try to stop you with traps. You will control the red ball to avoid traps and take down enemies. You also can experience Stickman Hook to test your skills.

Get to the end of the path in Red Ball 4

Your task is to bring the red ball to the finish line to complete a level. Now, I will give some tips and dangers that the red ball faces.

Use objects to overcome obstacles

That ball can jump a very long distance, but sometimes it cannot jump over all obstacles. So, take advantage of the same level items along the way. For example, you can push rocks and wooden boxes to crush enemies. Additionally, rocks and wooden boxes can be used as platforms to jump higher.

The dangers the ball faces

The ball only has 3 lives and it will lose one life if it hits an obstacle. However, the game will end immediately when the red ball falls into the water or gaps. Some paths will be guarded by enemies that can attack the red ball. You can control the ball to jump on the enemy's head to destroy them. Avoiding them is also a way to avoid being attacked.