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Play Stickman Hook to swing ropes with checkpoints and bounce with jumping pads to reach the finish line. After every 5 levels, you will receive a new skin.

Stickman Hook Levels

Welcome to this adventure game to challenge with adorable stickman! In this Stickman Hook game, players will become stickman characters to challenge endless levels.

On the main screen, players usually see only 5 levels. However, in reality, the Stickman Hook game has many more levels. The game only displays 5 levels corresponding to a milestone when you receive a reward. After completing these 5 levels, 5 new levels will appear.

The prizes of 5 levels are usually new skins for your stickman character. These skins not only change in design but can also perform fun dancing moves.

Hooking Instructions

In Stickman Hook, your main task is to bring the stickman to the destination. To move, your character needs to use two main ways: swing and bounce.

Swing The Ropes With Stickman

Stickman appears in many online games and has different moving ways. Stickmen can even fight enemies in Stick Slasher. In the Stickman Hook game, stickman can swing on the rope, a new moving method. You just need to left click to have your character launch the rope and cling to the nearest checkpoint.

Bounce In Stickman Hook

Thanks to the jumping pads, your stickman character can bounce easily. However, it is challenging to control the direction of movement with bouncing movement.