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Become the strongest stickman warrior in this game

Stick Slasher brings thrilling experiences when you will have to fight with many opponents. Your weapons are diverse so you can choose one of them.

This game has main characters who are colorful stick people. You can choose a stickman character for yourself and change his color. Choose your favorite color for your warrior and start the battle right away. You alone will have to fight against thousands of opponents because this is an endless game. The more stickmen you take down, the more points you get. However, you need to control your character's movements quickly and accurately to avoid being hit by enemy attacks. You may encounter another stickman in Vex 8.

Choose a weapon and fight in Stick Slasher

With a diverse arsenal of weapons, you can choose them according to your preferences and abilities. The more stickmen you take down, the more points you can score.

Use weapons skillfully

You can use spears, giant swords or small sword to fight enemies. Controlling the character to your liking is very difficult, so you need to practice a lot. Managing a sword to attack enemies from afar is probably the easiest to control, but it's difficult to attack two opponents approaching you from either side. Therefore, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of difficult weapons to use them appropriately.

Avoid getting hit in the head

In this game, stickmen's heads are their weak point. If the head is attacked, the stickmen will fall immediately. Although this is your character's weakness, you can also take advantage of this point to take down other stickmen.