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Stick Merge is a multi-level shooting game where you will become a stickman and use your shooting ability to destroy both opponents and battle each level.

This game gives you Shell Shockers-like feeling because they are all shooting games. However, there are completely different characteristics between these two online games. Let's learn about this new game together to see the differences!

Stick Merge Settings

This shooting game takes place in different locations in the desert where bandits will be your opponents. These bandits will hide in houses or castles in various locations. They can also hide behind objects to avoid your pursuit. This variety of locations will give you the first challenge.

Besides, the number of enemies is also a challenge for many players. In particular, this number increases as you progress to higher levels. Your opponents not only increase in number but also increase in strength. They can shoot you down with different weapons. Their health amounts also vary, so you need to hit your opponent multiple times to shoot them down.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the amount of ammo you have. This amount is limited depending on the gun you are using. Quickly reload ammo to continuously attack the enemies.

Merge To Create Guns

Besides shooting combat, you will also participate in the production of guns. At the beginning of the game, you have 1K coins. Use these coins to buy pistols for 100 coins. The two pistols can be combined to create a level-2 pistol with greater damage. When you bring this gun into battle, you will have more advantages. Therefore, don't stop the creation of new guns. New guns will also automatically generate coins for you in addition to collecting coins from matches.