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Shell Shockers


Shell Shockers is a multiplayer arena with eggs. Turn into eggs with guns in hand to fight other players to survive as long as possible to gain victory.

A new multiplayer game is introduced on our website to provide players with a new entertainment environment. Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience when transforming into an egg to fight. This fighting gameplay will bring a new experience compared to Uno Online, a fantastic puzzle game.

Egg Characters In Shell Shockers

This game has always featured an egg character. As you know, this character is like an ordinary egg, but this egg has been anthropomorphized with outstanding fighting abilities.

The Abilities Of The Eggs

The eggs in this game act as soldiers in casual fighting games. Therefore, the eggs will also have the same combat abilities as soldiers.

The first possibility is to move with the WASD keys. These keys will help you move your character around the map. Besides, you can also use the spacebar to jump. This ability helps you jump on high platforms. Movement skills are important because it helps you perform attacks and defenses. When you want to attack, you need to find the position of your opponent. Therefore, move to high positions for easy observation or go to every corner of the map to find their hiding places. After finding an opponent, you can attack. Besides, you can move to launch and resist the attacks of enemies. You can face a lot of enemies and they can attack you at the same time. Quickly run away from this dangerous area and protect your egg. Your egg has only one health bar on the field. You will be destroyed if this health bar runs out.

Besides the ability to move, your egg character can also use weapons. You just need to use the mouse to change the angle of view and press the left mouse button to shoot. Use your gun to shoot down the enemies! You can only choose one of two: be destroyed or destroy the other players.

Other Shell Shockers Character Elements

Your character can equip many different weapons in the Inventory. The guns are varied for you to choose from from looks, styles, functions, and prices. For example, you can buy shotguns or sniper rifles. These two guns will have completely different damage. Besides, you can also change the color and custom for your character. You can buy hats, shirts, and jewelry for the character.

Other Game Elements

In Shell Shockers, you should take care of a few other factors that make the game more interesting. First, you can choose the mode and you will participate in random maps. Besides random combat, you can join the With Friends mode to customize a battle with your favorite elements. You can choose the map, mode, and server and create a new room. Your friends can enter this room to fight each other.

These elements will make the game more interesting and they are also easy to implement. In conclusion, Shell Shockers always brings interesting elements and the developer will also upgrade it continuously to fix bugs and provide new features. Visit our website to play for free and enjoy intense matches!