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Stack Bounce


Stack Bounce is a ball-controlled game to destroy piles. You need to destroy all the platforms while avoiding collisions with dangerous black ones.

Online Platform Piles

In Stack Bounce, you will see a pile at each level. This pile has two basic characteristics: it can rotate and it has platforms.

  • All piles can rotate around the axis at a custom speed. Players can control to rotate this pile.
  • On these piles, the platforms are mounted. These platforms are also divided into two types: black and other colors. If you touch black, you will lose that level of Stack Bounce. The remaining colors are safe for your ball.

These two features appear at all levels in this challenging game, so players should pay special attention to them.

The Ball Of Stack Bounce

Unlike Dynamons 7 with Pokemon battles, the ball is the main character in all levels. Your task is to control this ball to destroy safe platforms.

Platform-Destroying Way

To control the ball in Stack Bounce, you have one way: use the mouse to rotate the pile. When you rotate the pile, the platforms will also move. In addition, your ball will automatically bounce continuously. With these two activities, the ball can destroy the platforms.

This method of destruction is basic to all levels of Stack Bounce. You can also use the following advanced strategies.

Advanced Strategy Of Stack Bounce

If your ball can destroy the platforms in a row, you will get points. When your score reaches 100, the ball will receive superpowers. This power allows you to destroy all platforms including black platforms.