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Dynamons 7


Dynamons 7 is an online fighting game in the magical pokemon world. This 7th edition takes you to the forest of tall pines to fight and be a dynamon captain.

The Dynamons Series

Welcome to Dynamons 7, the 7th edition of the Dynamons series! The Dynamons series has 7 versions until now. This seventh version is the latest version with many new features.

This Dynamons series is an online game series that focuses on pokemon battles. Players will control their pokemon to battle other players. Each pokemon will have different skills to compete and destroy other pokemon. This gameplay brings competition so players always have thrilling experiences. This gameplay is similar to Uno 2022 because you can also compete with other players. If you are passionate about competition, these two online games are extremely suitable.

About Dynamons 7

This seventh version has similar gameplay to previous versions.

Dynamons 7 Gameplay

Your task is to control your pokemon to destroy other players and upgrade its level. To achieve this goal, you need to use pokemon's available skills. Each pokemon has its own skills. When you play Dynamons 7, you need to use skills appropriately. Planning to use skills is extremely important to win in this Dynamons world.

Various Dynamons

In Dynamons 7, players can choose their dynamons. Three available dynamons are Flarion, Lampion, and Fenecorn. After that, you can unlock new dynamons in this seventh version.