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Solitaire Swift


Solitaire Swift is an online brain game where you need to arrange cards into stacks. The cards must be one unit greater or less than each other.

About Solitaire Swift

Come to this new game to challenge your ability to organize and think logically. The game object is to arrange the cards into stacks in ascending or descending order.

Rules for Moving Cards

In Solitaire Swift, there are cards arranged into stacks. At each stack, cards are placed on top of each other. You need to move cards from one stack to the target stack to form consecutive and sequential chains of cards.

You can only move a card if it is greater or less than the card that is on top of the destination stack you want to place it on. For example, if the card on top of the stack is a card with a value of 5, you can place a card with a value of 4 or 6 on top of it.

The Goal Of Solitaire Swift

The ultimate goal of this online game is to remove all cards from available stacks. When you make a successful arrangement, you will complete the level and advance to the next level with a more difficult challenge.

More Comments

Solitaire Swift has a simple and friendly interface with sound and visual effects. The game offers a variety of challenges to help you develop your logical thinking and organizing skills.

Try Solitaire Swift and challenge yourself to cleverly arrange cards to complete levels and get the highest score!

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