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Slice Rush is an online fruit-slashing game with a variety of different fruits. Cut the fruits available on the automatic conveyor and avoid obstacles.

Fruit Game Series

This online game has a fruit theme where fruits play a leading role. There are many different types of fruits in this Slice Rush game. You can see common fruits like bananas, coconuts, watermelons, bell peppers, apples, or carrots. These fruits will become the main targets for players to show off their slashing abilities.

In fruit games, this feature often appears. For example, Fruit Ninja is another fruit-slashing game where you also encounter common fruits. With these fruits, players can have fun and show off their slashing abilities.

Another outstanding fruit game is Merge Fruits where you can combine two similar fruits to create a new fruit. Although the gameplay of this new game is unique, its main objects are still fruits.

About Slice Rush

Coming back to this new fruit loss game, let's learn about the gameplay first.

Slice Rush Gameplay

In this fruit game, your task is to cut all the fruits on the automatic conveyor belt. The fruits always move along this chain and you need to use your knife to cut them. Fruit slices will give you points.

However, there are obstacles in this Slice Rush game. If you slash at obstacles, your knife can be disabled for a short time or destroyed immediately. Both of these effects are bad for your race, so avoid the obstacles.

How to Use Fruit-Power

As you slash fruit, you can upgrade your knife. After upgrading, your knife becomes faster and sharper. The highest level is level 5 for all knives. If you can reach level 5 in Slice Rush, you can move at maximum speed.