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Merge Fruits


Merge Fruits is an ideal entertaining game to merge fruits and get the highest score possible. Your goal is to create the largest fruit using smaller ones.

Merging Games

Welcome to a new merging game on our website! Each merging game has common gameplay characteristics. You can see this through this Merge Fruits game and the Merge Watermelon game. Both games require players to merge small fruits to create a giant watermelon. The merging circles will repeat if you can merge two watermelons. This gameplay applies to all similar merging versions.

However, there are also differences in graphics and items. Each game has its own designs from the developer. In addition, some games add support items such as hammers, dumbbells, and colorful flowers to destroy desired fruits. These support items can bring many benefits to players.

About Merge Fruits

This merging game also has all the outstanding features of the merging game series.

Merge Fruits Gameplay

As mentioned above, this online game requires you to create new fruits from small fruits. When you place two identical fruits next to each other, they will merge and create a new, larger fruit.

Controls Of Fruits

All fruits have similar controls: use the mouse to move and click to drop in Merge Fruits.