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Have fun cutting things in half in this game

Slice it All is a fun game intended to entertain busy players. You just need to bounce the knife to move it and cut all obstacles on the way.

This game is designed with quite simple gameplay and graphics. What you need is to move the knife skillfully to reach the destination. This knife is very sharp so it can cut most obstacles in its path. The cartoon graphics in this game will bring a sense of comfort and are suitable for even children. Many levels with different difficulties will make this game attract many gamers. You also can have fun with Liquid Sort.

How to earn more coins in Slice it All

Your task is to move the knife to the end of the destination. Besides, you also have another task to earn as many coins as possible. Let's see how you can earn more coins.

Cut obstacles in half along the way

You will still pass the level if your knife hits the target. However, if you don't cut anything, you will gain a few gold coins. So, cut objects along the way. However, you must not let the knife touch the red spikes. Otherwise, you will have to finish this game. In addition, avoiding letting the knife fall to the ground is also something you need to keep in mind.

Multiply the number of gold coins

When the knife is near the finish line, you need to quickly insert it into the numbered markers. For example, if your knife hits the x50 mark, the gold you earn will be multiplied by 50 times. However, stapling knives to landmarks is not as simple as you think.