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Liquid Sort


In Liquid Sort, you can pour colorful liquids from one bottle to another to create a perfect liquid. Try to sort all liquids before the time is over.

Play A New Sorting Version

Liquid Sort game is a new version of Water Sort. To play this new version, players only need to perform the following two main steps.

Select Liquid Sort Tubes

There are 6 types of tubes in the Liquid Sort game. You can choose any tube before participating in an official match.

The first 3 tubes are relatively similar as they all have a basic tube shape. The difference is in the size and effect of the tube. The fourth tube is triangular in shape and has a long neck. Next, you can see square and circular tubes. The game will not limit the number of tube choices for all players. After pressing the Seletct button, you will officially enter the official matches.

Sorting Matches

In Liquid Sort, players can pour liquid from one tube to another. You don't need to worry about the color of the liquid because you can pour them alternately. You just need to make sure that the tube can hold all the upcoming liquid.

The number of tubes, colors, and arrangements are different for each Liquid Sort level.

Tips For Liquid Sort

Please look closely at each tube before starting to sort. The colors that appear repeatedly above are the first objects. Pour them into empty tubes to get a great start.