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Sir Kain Battle


Sir Kain Battle is a video game against the attacks of the black cat knight. Can you keep your soul safe from the swords that are constantly flying at you?

Mission with Your Soul

In Sir Kain Battle, your missions will be tied to your soul which is represented by a red heart. Your most important duty is to protect your heart from danger.

Dangers in Sir Kain Battle

The dangers come from the black cat knight, your enemy. The black cat knight will attack with his swords. These swords will appear on the top left and right sides of the play screen. After that, they will continuously rush down towards your playing field and attack your heart.

These swords become extremely dangerous as they increase in speed and frequency. In particular, their direction of movement can be changed by increasing or decreasing altitude. Multiple swords will move together at the same time. As a result, deadly obstacles await you to find a way to keep your soul safe.

Ways to Protect Your Soul

To protect your soul, you need to move your soul and avoid the swords. The fight to protect your soul is similar to the fight to protect your castle in War of Sticks with two different methods. In Sir Kain Battle, you have a health bar and the game will end if this health bar is depleted.

To move your heart, you just need to use the arrow keys. Your heart can move flexibly based on your control. Therefore, to keep your heart safe, it all depends on your reaction and anticipation. Quickly avoid dangers and predict the swords' direction to increase your success chances.

4 Modes with Black Cat Knight

The battle with the black cat knight is divided into 4 modes: Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy.

  • Fight: The black cat knight wants your soul and you will try it with HP 20/20 for each level. Swords and blades will move more slowly than other modes.
  • Act: You can choose Check or Talk. After that, a bomb will appear and continuously chase your heart. Avoid this bomb at all costs!
  • Item: There are 2 options: Hot Cat or Bisicle. After eating these items, your HP may change before the battles take place.
  • Mercy: This mode can reduce your HP before entering matches with moving bombs.

To choose the modes, you just need to use the arrow keys and press Enter to select.