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Sheep Sheep!


Enjoy a fun puzzle game

Sheep Sheep! provide many challenging puzzles for you to improve your smartness. In this game, your mission is to clear tiles on the screen to pass the level.

This is a tile matching game. This game requires observation skills and clever strategies. The game's graphics are designed with a very cute cartoon style. Farm tools and vegetables will appear on the tiles of this game. With many attractive levels from difficult to easy, this game will satisfy both professional players and beginners.

Clear all the tiles in Sheep Sheep!

With a farm theme, this game expands your knowledge by providing different farm tools and popular vegetables. Each tile is a tool or vegetable.

Match the identical tile together

You own 7 empty boxes at the bottom of the screen. They are used to contain the tiles you have selected. If the three tiles you selected have the same image, they will automatically disappear. If your empty cells are full of tiles and they don't disappear, you will lose. You can select different tiles on the screen. Only the tiles that light up will be available for you to select.

Complete the harder level

At the first level, everyone will find this game very simple. However, many people do not even pass level 2. In fact, the number of tiles in level 2 is more. In addition, the location of these tiles is also very difficult to clear all of them. You need to observe and come up with the right strategies.

There are many other puzzle games such as Climb Over It waiting for you. You can experience this game to test your skills and patience.

Game control: Click the left mouse button on the tiles to select them.