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Climb up in this game

Climb Over It requires your patience and dexterity. Your mission is to bring the man to the top using a hammer. Don't forget to collect some gems!

When entering the game, you will see a man sitting in a circular object. He does not move by foot or other means. What he has is a hammer. This hammer will help him move from one location to another. Does this surprise you? Although the hammer does not have wheels, it can still serve as a fulcrum for the man to move. He will use a hammer to place it in the position he wants to reach, then he will lift his whole body to that position.

Complete some worlds in Climb Over It

This game offers you many different worlds. Each world will have a different terrain and you need to overcome them to reach the end.

Use the hammer to lift the character up

You can freely move the hammer and place it in locations close to the character. Then, lift the kernel up with the fulcrum being the hammer. The character can move forward or backward depending on you. You need to skillfully combine your control skills so that the hammer does not slip out of the necessary positions. You will be quite confused when you first play this game. However, everything will change the more you practice.

Collect gems

Precious red gems appear along the way. You just need to go through these gems to collect them. The more gems you collect, the better. They are not used to buy items, but you will unlock other worlds with these gems. For example, you need 5 gems to unlock World 2. This game is a combination of action and puzzle gameplay. You can also enjoy fun puzzle games on our website like Happy Glass.