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In Rodeo Stampede, you will become a cowboy and use your whip. Jump from one wild animal to another with your whip before they become angry!

Two Cowboy's Skills

This cowboy game will train you in both steering skills and jumping skills.

Jumping Skills With Rodeo Stampede

In this action game, you will transform into a cowboy with a whip in your hand. The whip always rotates and waits for you to make throws at wild animals. After that, you can catch another wild animal with your whip and climb on its back.

To control the cowboy, you will press the spacebar to jump and press the spacebar a second time to catch.

With two presses of the spacebar, players can decide the jumping distance and select the target animal.

Steering Skills Of The Cowboy

Your cowboy can also control animals with the arrow keys: move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect loot.

While steering, you should also pay attention to other animals on the road. This Rodeo Stampede game will end if there is any collision including with animals, obstacles, or edges of the screen.

Tips For Rodeo Stampede

This game exercises both 2 skills for players but jumping is easier to do. Therefore, players should jump rather than control animals.

After playing this Rodeo Stampede game, you can join Drift 3 to experience a new jumping feeling.