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Drift 3 begins an online multiplayer race where all players start from different locations but their goal is only one: run as far as possible.

Main Menu Of Drift 3

Welcome to the new online racing game on our website! This is the next game that continues the success of Parking Rush. In the main menu, you can follow all the items of this Drift 3 game.

Race Section

The Race section is the most important section in Drift 3. When you click on this section, you will start a race with 7 other players.

On the screen during racing, you can also follow important information about the race on the screen. For example, you can follow the mini-map to know your location and observe the map from a different perspective. In addition, you can also view the leaderboard which shows the rankings of all 8 players in the race.

Settings And Skin In Drift 3

These next two items are simple for online players and they are intended to help make the racing process more enjoyable.

When accessing these two sections of Drift 3, players only need to pay attention to the Tutorial section in Settings where instructions are displayed when starting a race.

Online Racing Instructions

In Drift 3, you will compete with 7 other players on the same map with different starting points.

The goal of the race is to last the longest instead of running the fastest. Therefore, ensuring the safety of your car is the top task for all players.