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Drive into the parking spot in this game

Parking Rush is a game that requires your intelligence to solve parking problems. You need to park multiple cars at the same time by drawing colorful lines.

Move to the correct location

The parking locations will be divided into different colors and they are suitable for each car. For example, you need to park your navy blue car in the navy blue parking area. You will do the same thing with other colored cars. At first, you will only park two cars but you need to control more cars in later levels.

Avoid causing accidents

Vehicle accidents will lead to failure in this game. Obstacles such as tires, walls or other vehicles are the dangers you need to avoid. You need to use your intelligence to solve the difficulties that the game presents.

Draw the line in Parking Rush

You will drive a line which allows a car to follow it instead of driving this car. When drawing these lines, you must remember to avoid colliding the cars together. The length of the line is very important because it can help the cars move safely. This game has many levels which all have the same missions to you. Be careful with the police car which can prevent you from completing the mission. You just navigate your cars when the police car stops. Besides this game, you may like other entertaining game like Slither IO.