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Parkour Race 3D is a parkour game where stickmen compete with each other to move across rooftops and reach their destination first with support from items. This racing game will focus on your controlling skills to guide your character.

Stickman Abilities

In Parkour Race 3D, the main characters are stickmen who have great movement abilities. These abilities allow players to participate in rooftop races. Let's learn about these possibilities!

Moving Skills In Parkour Race 3D

The stickman character can move on the roof thanks to three main skills: running, jumping, and climbing. These skills are as impressive as your character in Jetpack Joyride who can fly with a rocket to overcome a series of dangers.

  • Running: Stickman can run on rooftops like running on the ground. It is necessary to run from one location to another in the same building. You need to run to suitable locations before performing other abilities.
  • Jumping: This jumping ability allows you to jump from one roof to another. Your stickman character will automatically jump when reaching the edge of a building. You just need to adjust the movement direction to jump to a suitable destination.
  • Climbing: When your character falls off the rooftops, the stickman can cling to the walls and climb up. This climbing ability helps you escape dangerous situations when falling off buildings. It is extremely important because this parkour game will end if you fall into the endless blue sea.

With these 3 moving abilities, players can confidently move across the rooftops. However, the game offers a number of items to aid the stickmen's abilities.

Items To Support Stickman

On the rooftops, you can easily see the appearance of arrow platforms and arrow signals. Arrow signals help you speed up. With faster speed, your chances of winning can increase many times.

In addition, arrow platforms help you make longer jumps. This support item is extremely useful for getting over rooftops that are far apart.

How To Control Parkour Race 3D

To control the stickman character, you just need to drag your mouse to adjust the movement direction. When a stickman faces different terrain, your character will automatically use suitable control skills.