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Jetpack Joyride begins an exciting adventure with your character while using a rocket to move. You can fly and conquer admirable achievements.

This game belongs to the category of running and action. This gameplay is very different from Capybara Clicker, but it is an opportunity for you to participate in challenges and show your abilities.

Your Character In Jetpack Joyride

Your character in this online game is a man who has always worked at a company. Busy work with pressure makes him tired every day. One day, he receives a secret letter that invites him to participate in a special challenge. Wishing to leave the stressful life, he immediately agreed and started the race.
When participating in this running game, you still see him wearing a formal suit. However, it was torn in many places because of this thrilling journey. Are you ready to join him to conquer good achievements?

Conquering Admirable Achievements

In Jetpack Joyride, you will control your character with a rocket to fly in the air. During the flight, you need to avoid obstacles that can appear at different heights. You need to watch carefully to avoid dangerous objects before your character is injured. In particular, pay attention to the red warning before the missiles appear. Missiles move very fast and you must always be on the lookout for them. Your character can also flexibly move to conquer more challenges by running on the ground or flying in the air. Apply two movement methods and remember to collect coins to increase your score and achievements!

Besides, the game will give you new rockets or cool armor sets. You can unlock them and fight the dangers. It will be great if your character can control a giant robot to fight or use the most modern rockets to move more easily.