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Papa's Wingeria


Chicken thighs first appeared in Papa's Wingeria where you become a chef to run Papa Louie's restaurant. Guests with generous gratuities are waiting for you!

Start Papa's Wingeria

Start this online game by choosing your favorite character between Chuck, and Mandi, and create a custom worker. Chuck represents the male chef and Mandi is the female chef. These two characters have fixed designs so you cannot change their appearance. Instead, if you want a unique character, don't hesitate to choose Create a new character.

After that, don't forget to look at your character's story to understand why you started working as a chef. If you are afraid of cooking tasks, don't worry because this Papa's Wingeria game will guide you through all the necessary tasks.

Cooking And Managing Missions

In Papa's Wingeria, you take on two main tasks: cooking and managing Papa Louie's restaurant. Papa Louie owns the series of reastaurants including Papa's Cheeseria.

Papa Louie's Restaurant Management

Restaurant management is simple because you only need to take orders from customers of Papa's Wingeria. Customers will come a few in the first days, but the number will increase greatly in the following days. Therefore, receive orders as quickly as possible and don't keep customers waiting. Otherwise, customers will get angry and leave.

Cooking In Papa's Wingeria

Cooking in this online game includes 3 stages: Fry, Sauce, and Build. These steps will help you create a delicious dish with chicken thighs. Note, please follow the customer's order to receive the most gratuities possible.