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Papa's Cheeseria satisfies players' passion for cheese as you get to manage Papa Louie's new restaurant and create delicious cheese sandwiches. Coming to this new game, you can realize immediately a new feature with character.

New Feature About Character

This Papa's Cheeseria game gives you more character choices than previous versions. In previous versions, you will transform into the character Roy, a delivery boy for Papa Louie's stores. However, coming to this version of Cheeseria, you have the opportunity to choose your character between Rudy, and Scarlett, or create a custom worker. The two characters Rudy and Scarlett are available and you only need to choose one of them. If you want to customize a character, choose a name, hairstyle, facial hair, skin, mouth, etc

Even though these characters are different, they will enter the same story. Your character is a member of a rock band. Because he lost all his musical instruments, your character needs to work part-time at Papa's Cheeseria to earn money and buy new musical instruments.

Enter Papa's Cheeseria World

This gaming world is similar to other versions as you continue to meet the needs of your customers. Your customers will wait for food, reviews, and tips. Your achievements will be calculated based on each day and the amount of tips received.

To get a lot of tips, you need to pay attention to the job of making cheese sandwiches with 4 stations.

  • Order Station is too familiar to fans of the Papa Louie series. At this station, you will receive orders for the number of sandwiches, bread fillings, sauces, and side dishes.
  • Build Station is where you choose the type of bread, toppings, and sauces to create a delicious and beautiful sandwich. At this stage, you should pay attention to arranging the ingredients so that they are placed perfectly.
  • Grill Station requires you to place the sandwich on a grill to melt the cheese and heat the sandwich. After this step, your sandwich will be completely complete.
  • Fry Station is where you make side dishes according to customer requests. Side dishes may include french fries, bacon, or fried chicken.

The stations in Papa's Cheeseria have significant changes in functionality compared to other versions. This is the reason why this game series still attracts millions of players with its familiar gameplay. Once you're done challenging yourself with this Papa game, you can move on to Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour with completely new action gameplay.