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Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour is a running game with the main character Ninja. You will see the shadow of a mysterious figure on a secret mission. Let's learn together about this special character!

The Ninja Character

In this Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour game, you will transform into a ninja to join thrilling adventures. Your character has to run through mysterious bamboo forests with lots of obstacles. With these obstacles, your character will have unique abilities to conquer difficulties. The first possibility is to run continuously forward. Moreover, you can also speed up by pressing the right arrow many times.

Besides, the second ability will help you jump over the obstacles. It is definitely the ability to jump. You will perform low jumps at normal movement speed with the up arrow key. However, as you accelerate and jump, the altitude and distance will increase significantly. Any combination of skills gives you more power.

Rules Of Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

When participating in this challenging game, you should pay attention to some basic rules.

  • There are 20 levels with different obstacles and terrain.
  • You can complete a level by reaching the time portal at the bottom of the map.
  • Keep track of your progress in the bar above the playing field.
  • Any collision with obstacles will destroy your character.
  • There are checkpoints along the way to help you start over.
  • Each level will give you a chance to respawn.
  • The game will calculate points based on the number of steps and the number of stars and cards.