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Game for cupcake fans

Papa's Cupcakeria is a fun baking game that belongs to the Papa's game series. You will be an employee of a cupcakeria and serve customers tasty cupcakes.

Do you love sweets? What do you think about these beautiful cupcakes with a layer of rich cream? You will transform into an employee in Papa Louie's cupcake shop and complete a day's work. In fact, you crashed Papa Louie's car but you don't have the money to pay him back. So, he decided to hire you to work for the cupcake shop he just opened. At first, it will be difficult for you to make cakes because you are just a newbie.

Bake cupcakes and serve the customers in Papa's Cupcakeria

You need to follow the ingredients the customer wants so you can get as many tips as possible. First, take your order and the recipe will be written down on a note.

Bake cupcakes

Each customer orders 2 cupcakes with different ingredients. You need to choose the right ingredients like chocolate or cheese. In addition, the decoration of a cake also affects customer reviews. Add all toppings one at a time. In addition, you need to bake the cake for the specified amount of time to avoid burning or undercooking the cake.

Serve the customers

You should complete orders one at a time to avoid customers having to wait long. In addition, you also need to keep an eye out for some closer customers who rate the cakes very differently. You just have to do it a little wrong, and these customers will rate your cake with a very low score. When you are bored with cupcakes, you may have dessert with some fruits in Merge Fruits.