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Let's run in the Pacman game to collect all of the light dots and avoid the detection of ghosts. If you complete these 2 missions, you can beat a level.

Pacman Run

Running in this new game is simple as you just need to use the arrow keys to control your character. Your Pacman character can run throughout the maze to perform tasks with your control.

However, during the run, you will also encounter challenges from mazes and opponents. They are an opportunity for you to show off your control ability to conquer challenges. In particular, Pacman's mazes often have interconnected paths. With these moves, players can move more easily and execute smart strategies.

Missions and Challenges

Pacman gives players missions and challenges at each level. Let's learn about this online game one by one!

Missions In Pacman

All levels have the same mission: collect blips and protect your Pacman character.

  • Bright spots are placed on all paths. You just need to move on these paths to collect light spots.
  • Protecting your character is an important task. If the Pacman character is captured 3 times, the game will end.

Challenges for Your Character

As you can know, there are 2 main challenges for your Pacman character. First, these complex mazes are difficult to navigate. Second, ghosts are always chasing you, so your safety is always in danger.

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