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My Halloween Park is a fun Halloween-themed idle game where you build haunted houses, upgrade them, and hire staff to scare characters and collect money. This game is ideal for enthusiasts of building and idle games.

Building and Idle Gameplay

In My Halloween Park, you can start building your park and enjoy the Halloween atmosphere of the game.

Start by Building a Haunted House

This My Halloween Park game will give you money to start building a haunted house and a cemetery. The money will run out after you build these two locations. To get more income, you need to move ghosts from the cemetery to the haunted house. If your house can scare the characters, you will receive money.

With the money collected, you can move on to the next idle jobs.

Other My Halloween Park Missions

Once you have enough money, you can do many different tasks.

  • Upgrade: You can upgrade your character, cemeteries, and haunted houses. After upgrading, your character's productivity can increase, the cemetery can spawn more ghosts, and the haunted house can scare more characters.
  • Expand: You can expand your park by building more haunted houses and other areas. One outstanding area is the haunted forest. This forest is extremely interesting to explore.
  • Hire: You can hire staff to automate the playing process. Your employees will support and perform tasks. Then, you just need to collect earned money.

Some Notes for My Halloween Park

When participating in this Halloween game, you should focus on money, which can help you do all other tasks well such as upgrading, expanding areas, and hiring staff.

Besides, don't forget to upgrade your characters and employees to operate more effectively. You should invest your money in upgrades and expansions first. It will help you earn the most income possible.

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