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Halloween Geometry Dash


Halloween Geometry Dash is a version of the geometry dash game series with a Halloween theme. Have you ever controlled your cube in a spooky environment? With the familiar running gameplay and the Halloween theme, you will have exciting experiences when joining this game!

The Familiar Running Rules With a Cube

When participating in the Halloween Geometry Dash game, you need to pay attention to two factors to win the game's levels: your character and running principles.

Your Halloween Geometry Dash Character

Your character in this new geometry dash game is still a cube with familiar abilities.

  • Your character can move forward automatically. You do not need to control this character's ability.
  • You can control it to jump with the spacebar, up arrow, or left mouse button. This jumping ability is extremely important to jump over obstacles in the roads ahead.
  • While moving, you can collect stars to increase your achievements. The number of stars is huge and you can see them in random positions along the way.
  • After moving through space portals, your character can transform into a new form. These space portals will bring new experiences with new abilities such as flying or rolling.

In particular, your character has a new Halloween appearance. Your cube will have the shape of a Batman to match the Halloween theme.

The Running Principles

The running rules in Halloween Geometry Dash are similar to Geometry Dash SubZero where you still avoid collisions at all costs. Obstacles such as blocks, walls, or spikes are all dangerous to you.

In addition, to complete a level, you need to run to the end. This running process will become increasingly challenging at higher levels. To complete the challenges, you can practice many times and the game will not limit the number of participate times. At the present time, this online game includes 7 levels with 7 unique challenges. Are you ready to challenge your own abilities and conquer all 7 stages?

The Halloween Theme With Geometry Dash

The Halloween theme is familiar because all players experience it at the end of October every year. You're familiar with activities like dressing up or trick-or-treating.

On this coming Halloween, enjoy the holiday in a new way. Let's run with geometry dash and enjoy the Halloween atmosphere. From Batman characters to decorative objects like pumpkins, spiders, bats, or cemeteries, you can clearly feel Halloween. Don't hesitate to participate in this special game!