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Help Mr Bean jump in this game

Mr Bean Jump is a jumping game that requires agility and high precision from the player. You will meet the funny Mr. Bean character again in this game.

This game has very simple rules but it is difficult to master. The graphics of this game are designed in a cartoon style so it is suitable for all ages. The main character is Mr. Bean, a famous and funny character. He wants to jump up high through the wooden crates. You will help him jump as high as possible. As long as Mr. Bean falls off the wooden crates, you will lose this game.

Earn lots of coins in Mr Bean Jump game

You jump on a wooden crate, you will receive a coin. So, the more wooden crates you jump on, the more coins you get. This is an endless game so you don't need to worry about levels. If you want to play games with levels, Pacman is for you.

Time your jump

Wooden crates will slowly appear from both sides. As soon as these wooden crates come close to your character, jump up immediately. You must not let the wooden crate knock Mr. Bean down. The speed at which the wooden barrel appears will become faster and faster, so your reaction must also be quick.

How to use coins

The gold coins you earn can be used to buy new skins for Mr. Bean or unlock new backgrounds. You need to spend 500 coins each time you open a skin or background. Therefore, you have to save for a long time to be able to continue opening a new skin or background.