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Experience the feeling of adventure in this game

Moto X3M helps you perform stunts with motorbikes that you can never do in real life. You will overcome many different obstacles to reach your destination.

Fun stunts in the air and dangerous landings have created the brand for this game. This is the first original version that brought success to the game publisher. After that, there have been many different installments released and they still attract quite a large audience. The obstacles in this game are designed with special shapes. As long as your character collides with them, the motorbike will be destroyed immediately.

Go to the end of the road in Moto X3M

The roads always contain dangers and you must go to the end. This means you have to overcome many different difficulties along the way. Besides this race, you also can take part in another race in Parkour Race 3D.

No accident occurred

Accidents will directly lead to your loss in this game. Will giant gears one after another stop your race? In addition, bumping your head on the ground is also a type of accident that you need to avoid. You will need to move quickly to gain momentum to jump over giant chains of gears. Please ensure your racer's safety in this game.

Complete the road quickly

The time it takes you to reach your destination directly affects the number of stars you receive. The faster you complete the mission, the more stars you will receive. To be able to continue the race, you can check the checkpoints along the road. When you hit an obstacle, you can press the spacebar to continue your journey at the last checkpoint. However, as you continue your journey, time will not return to zero.