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Magic Cat Academy is Google's Halloween-inspired game where you will transform into a magical cat to destroy all the ghosts that are attacking the academy.

Coming to this online game, you have the opportunity to enjoy intense battles with simple gameplay. You will fight ghosts by drawing symbols on their heads. The number of symbols and the number of ghosts is dependent on each level. The game includes 5 levels corresponding to 5 different locations.

Magic Cat Academy's First 3 Battles

The first 3 battles will take place in different locations. The first location is the library where ghosts appear one by one. Each ghost in the first level is simple to kill because they move slowly and have few symbols. However, at the end of the level, there is a boss with many symbols. It will move closer to you to attack and it can heal 3 times. Quickly destroy all 3 ghost chances and win the first round!

Coming to the second and third rounds, the number of ghosts and symbols is increased. In particular, the change of boss will bring you excitement. Level 2 will take place in the potion room where a potion ghost is waiting for you. Progressing to level 3, you will reach the laboratory where the challenges become much more complicated. Multiple ghosts will appear at the same time. In particular, a giant virus will be the boss of this round.

Victory With The Last Two Levels

If you can win the last two levels, the final victory will be yours and you can move to the second version, called Magic Cat Academy 2. At level 4, you will proceed to the sports field to destroy new ghosts. These ghosts have fast movement speed. In particular, the boss at this level is like a supervisor. It will not let you go until it is destroyed.

The final level will bring you to the final boss battle with a huge size. This battle will take place in the air. Destroy your opponents and win the magic book!

When playing this Magic Cat Academy fighting game, you will have 5 chances to respawn. Besides, when you draw lightning-shaped magic, you will create a huge stream of power to destroy enemies. However, this power is not available. You can only use it when a ghost with the lightning symbol appears.