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Magic Cat Academy 2 is the next battle of the magical cat with the underwater ghosts. Adversaries become more and more powerful thanks to the sea's darkness.

As you may know, this online game is developed by Google and has two available versions. These two versions have the same gameplay and have won much success in the gaming world. The reason is the attractive and thrilling gameplay as well as the simple control. For a better understanding of this second edition, let's move on to the following!

Intro About Magic Cat Academy 2

The battle in the first version ended with the victory of the magic cat. The leader of the ghosts fell into the sea. The cat is enjoying the victory, but it detects a strangeness in that sea. The ghosts were not completely exterminated. Instead, they have hidden in the ocean and are growing stronger day by day. Let's start the second war with the cat to regain the peace of the ocean.

During battles, you continue to draw spells that resemble the symbols of the ghosts to destroy them. This gameplay is completely different from Uno Online. In addition, there will be special powers and new levels. In particular, these levels are based on the gradual depth of the ocean. The deeper you go to the bottom of the ocean, the more challenging the levels become.

The control is still similar to the first version when you can use the mouse to draw on the computer. If you use a mobile device, it is simpler as you just swipe to draw.

All 5 Ocean Levels

In Magic Cat Academy 2, all levels are based on the depth of the ocean. 5 levels will correspond to 5 different depths. You can follow the list of levels and depths below.

  • Sunlight Zone: 200m
  • Twilight Zone: 1,000m
  • Midnight Zone: 4,000m
  • The Abyss: 6,000m
  • The Trenches: 11,000m

The names of each level reflect their theme, but their challenges are secret and mysterious. Let's proceed to each level one by one to find out more clearly!

Magic Cat Academy 2 First Three Levels

Level Sunlight is the first level and it is quite simple. The ghosts move slowly and they don't have many markings on their heads. Usually, they will have 1 to 3 symbols. Each death of the ghost will give you 10 points. However, ghosts with more than 1 symbol will give you more points. Specifically, the ghost with two symbols will x2 your points and the ghost with three symbols will x3 your points. Especially, when you use special spells and kill many ghosts in one go, your score will increase significantly.

To finish level 1, you will fight Immortal Jellyfish, a boss. This boss is a ghost that merges with a jellyfish in the ocean and challenges you. It will move to you 3 times. Quickly pass the symbols to destroy it quickly and save the poor jellyfish.

In the second and third levels, everything will be more difficult and your opponents will also change with each level. The boss at level 2 is Boops Boops, a school of ghost fish while the boss at level 3 is a Vampire Squid.

The Two Most Challenging Levels

The Abyss and The Trenches are the last and most challenging levels in Magic Cat Academy 2. These two levels will give you more ghosts and these ghosts will have more symbols and move faster.

At level 4, you will enter a shipwreck at a depth of 6,000m under the ocean. There is a mysterious light bulb. It can only emit faint light. In the dark, Anglerfish, the fourth boss will always swarm to eat them. It will appear gradually from behind you. After defeating this boss, a strange cat appears and it drives the shipwreck to take you to a depth of 11,000m where the final boss is hiding. Ghosts continuously appear from this boss's eyes and mouth. Besides, your ship will be sucked by the boss to its wide mouth. You need to quickly draw spells to resist this terrifying attraction.

In 5 ocean battles, you can perform special spells by drawing special symbols. For example, the heart symbol gives you a life while the circle symbol gives you a protective shield. In addition, the lightning symbol lets you create a powerful lightning bolt to kill the ghosts. In particular, the tornado-shaped symbol will cause the approaching ghosts to be blown away immediately. Note that you can only use these special symbols when they appear above the ghosts' heads.