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Play Lunar Worm to enjoy underground adventures against time limits. Control your worm with the arrow keys and move underground as fast as possible.

Theme of Lunar Worm

This new online game is inspired by snake games like Google Snake Game. In regular snake games, players can enjoy a multi-player arena with competing snakes. Your task is to control your snake to increase its power and compete with other snakes. However, this Lunar Worm game brings a new gameplay. Players will participate in solo battles against time. Its theme is a combination of snake, time, and singleplayer gameplay.

How to Play Singleplayer Snake Game

Although your main character is a worm, the controls and gameplay are similar to snake games.

How To Control Your Worm

To control the Lunar Worm, players simply use the arrow keys to move in three directions: left, right, and down. It is impossible to move up. Therefore, players need to decide the direction correctly before moving downward.

Quests In Lunar Worm

The players' task is to control the worm and fight against time. Each of your underground adventures has a time limit, so move as quickly as possible. In addition, you can collect items underground to gain more time.