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Play Google Snake Game in a green closed arena to collect as many red apples as possible. Your snake will only move and change direction with the arrow keys.

Are you ready to run in a Google-developed snake version? This version will bring wonderful snake matches.

Google-Developed Snake Version

Welcome to Google Snake Game, a snake game developed by Google. By participating in this online game, players will immerse themselves in the iconic green arena while controlling their snake.

In this arena, the snake has only a limited space to move. In addition, the prominent red apples will be your targets.

Google's version will bring you exciting endless gameplay with single players.

Google Snake Game Matches

Snake matches will require players' control ability to win prizes.

How To Control Google Snake Game

To control your snake in this Google version, players only need to use the arrow keys. Your snake will move in 4 different directions like in Slither IO. However, the gameplay and prizes of these two snake games are completely different.

Gameplay and Prizes

Instead of multi-player gameplay like Slither IO, this new snake version gives you single-player gameplay. A single player will participate in matches to collect red apples. The collected red apples will become your points and bring trophies to the players of Google Snake Game.