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Jewels Match


Play Jewels Match to match as many jewels as possible in a limited time and get the highest score. How many points can you get after joining this matching game?

About Jewels Match

This online game belongs to the puzzle genre where you need to take on challenges to achieve the best results. For example, when you play Onet Connect Classic, you need to find two identical items among a series of items to remove them. Your goal is to remove all the items on the game screen. This Jewels Match game is similar where players need to match the same jewels to remove them. However, the two games differ in terms of time, items, and goals.

More Game Details

In Jewels Match, players need to pay attention to time, items, and goals.

Time And Item

This Jewels Match game limits each match to a certain time. With this limited time, players need to perform matching missions as quickly as possible to achieve the goal. To increase the time, players need to match consecutively to receive the time bonus.

In addition, items are also extremely important for each matching game. In this puzzle game, players face jewels. Jewels come in many different types based on color and shape.

The Goal Of Jewels Match

The players' goal is to remove as many jewels as possible to get the highest score possible. You only have limited time, so quickly match the jewels and achieve the most admirable achievements.